Cialis vs Kamagra Gel: What is Better For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Cialis vs Kamagra Gel: What is Better For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?
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Impotence is one of the most widespread problems of mankind, but there are many modern methods of treatment. Cialis and Kamagra Oral Gel are both considered to be effective, but which is better? Learn what their peculiarities are, and what will be suitable for you.

A Few Words About Erectile DysfunctionA Few Words About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a typical problem for men of 50 and older. This is inability to keep erection and have sex that leads to a satisfying end. Males who face is complain about low libido, decreased sexual desire and lack of control over erections.

This medical state can be conditioned by various factors:

  1. Psychological: anxiety, stress, problems in relationships, low self-esteem.
  2. Physical: deformed penis shape, intake of some medications, fatigue, excess weight, lack of physical activity.
  3. Medical: heart attacks and failures, recovery time after operations, diabetes, low or high blood pressure.

Methods of Treatment

Today, modern medicine offers various ways of impotence treatment, including:

  • Surgery on vessels;
  • Penis implants;
  • Vacuum pumps;
  • Herbal medications;
  • Hormonal therapy;
  • Pills and other medications triggering blood flow to penile tissues.

The last variant is considered to be the safest and most effective in orthodox medicine. There are different remedies, and Cialis and Kamagra Gel are considered to be among the best ones. How to define which is more suitable for you?


The medication contains Tadalafil (PDE-5 inhibitor) that promotes more intense blood flow to genitals, helping to keep a long and strong erection. When sexual arousal promote nitrogen oxide release, penile muscles, bladder and prostate muscles relax, and vessels are filled with blood. If sexual stimulation is absent, tadalafil will not give any effect. Men can buy Cialis online, or in drug stores.

The remedy is taken orally, and in case of strong sexual arousal it gives effect in 15-30 min. the active component stays active within 36 hours, which means a man can easily control and get hard erections during this time. The pills can be taken irrespective of meal time – the speed of drug input is not affected. As a rule, men take one pill a day for several days in row to treat erectile dysfunction permanently.

Contra Indications

Cialis is not recommended for:

  • People sensitive to tadalafil and other components comprising the contents of the remedy;
  • People under 18;
  • If a person takes any medications with organic nitrates.

You can learn more about precautions on this page:

Side Effects

The medication gives practically no side effects, but some people admit they had:

  • headaches;
  • dyspepsia;
  • ache in back;
  • blood flow to face.

In rare occasions, people experienced pain in eyes, dizziness and baggy eyelids.

Generally, this is a safe and very effective remedy suitable for many men regardless of their age.

Kamagra Oral Gel

Kamagra Oral Jelly contains the same active component as Viagra – sildenafil, but is less expensive than the prototype. The product is sold on packs of jelly bags of various flavors (caramel, cherry, pineapple, strawberry, etc.) that are taken orally about 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse. What it does is inhibiting of cGMP enzyme which increases blood flow to penile tissues and promotes better erections.

The effect lasts 4-6 hours – it depends on a person. In some cases, a bit more than 6 hours of erection were reported. A usual dose in 50mg of jelly, but in some cases it may be reduced to 25 mg, or increased to 100 mg.

The medication becomes popular in many countries: Kamagra Oral Jelly in Australia, Europe and the USA has become a widespread method of impotence treatment.


The remedy should be taken cautiously by people who:

  • have liver or kidney disorders;
  • under 18 or older than 65 years;
  • have low or high blood pressure;
  • take other medications against erectile dysfunction;
  • experienced heart attacks or strokes.

Side Effects

The most typical side effects of Kamagra are headaches, nose congestion, blurred vision or changes in color visioning, dizziness, blushing and stomach upset. However, these are quite rare.

Conclusion: both remedies are effective and relatively safe, but Cialis is better for long-term treatment, and has more contra indications, while Kamagra Gel is suitable for temporary using. In both cases, doctor’s consultation is required!

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Effect Of Coffee On Male Potency

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Natural coffee has a positive effect on potency. By the way, if a man has problems with potency, we recommend to pay attention to Kamagra Jelly. On the website you can find detailed information about Kamagra oral jelly.

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Diagnostic and preventive actions of men diseases

If you want to determine the disease, which is connected with the illnesses of genital system, you must do all the following diagnostics, as:

  • Blood test. If there is an inflammatory disease, the number of white blood cells will increase. Also we can tell the same about erythrocyte.
  • Urine test. It will help to detect the harmful microorganisms, which cause the disease.
  • Prostate gland in the diagnoses of such diseases plays the most important role. Here we must say about transrectal finger examination. It must be determined at size, contours, in the presence of focal seals.
  • Needle biopsy. It is also used for diagnose the prostate, epididymis, testis, seminal vesicle. It helps to understand the presence of inflammatory diseases and cancer.
  • Endoscopic research methods. They allow to explore mucosa of urethra.
  • Radiographic investigation methods. It means classical radiology. It is made by the use of excretory urography, descending cystogram after and before urination and also by mictional urethrogram. All these methods will help to understand all the anomalies of urethra and detect the abnormalities of the prostate.
  • Computer tomography is also widely used. It includes magnetic resonance imaging, radioisotope methods of research for accurate results and visualization of pathology.
  • Ultrasonography, which help to understand the presence of prostate diseases, epididymis and testicles.
  • Crops, which help to determine the microorganisms in detachable urethra.
  • Blood serum test, with help of which doctor will see the specific prostate antigens (if it is increased, that is the reason of cancer). Also here provides lactate dehydrogenase, human gonadotropin, removability antigen.

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Of course, large number of sexual partners increases risk of infection, but only those, who have never had sexual intercourse can fully insure against STD. And that is conditional – some of STD can be infected in other ways.

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Good attitude towards environment can save from ED

can save from ED

Erectile dysfunction is often connected with some psychological causes. You know that stress you get during your working day in the office or communicating with your relatives or being anxious because of financial problems can ruin your ability to have erection as long as you need. Besides, feeling guilty or having low self-esteem a man cannot concentrate on the partner and enjoy the sexual situation. Depression can lead to total indifference in sex.

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