5 Rules Of Intensive Muscles Mass

Building muscle mass isn`t always as easy as it sounds. Every day in sports halls around the world, thousands of bodybuilders train intensively, but don`t achieve success in building mass and strength.

So, do you need rules to gain solid muscle and strength? Well, you have come to right place. Below are five rules to help you build gorgeous mass. By following these rules exactly with instructions, you will be on road to building incredibly powerful muscles that you have wanted for so long.

Eat at least one gram of protein per kilogram body weight day


Diet with right amount of macronutrients is vital in bodybuilding. The most basic element of diet is protein – this is what helps build muscle. Without protein, all your efforts to build muscle will be in vain. This rule is very simple and easy to follow.

If, for example, you weigh 90 kg, you should eat at least 200 grams of protein every day in order to build powerful muscles. Proteins can be obtained from various sources, although for best results you should try to get your main dose of protein from beef, chicken, turkey, fish, as well as scientifically advanced protein supplements.

More sleep

Sleep is often overlooked as important aspect of building muscle, but to deprive yourself of sleep would be a big mistake. Getting about eight hours of sleep every night plays important role in synthesis of proteins and growth hormone, and this will help you recover faster next day in gym. One of secrets of some leading bodybuilders is afternoon nap for an hour or two, to ensure that body gets enough sleep. So if you have several hours between workouts, it`s best to spend this time sleeping!

Eat after workout

There is some point during day when nutrition is of utmost importance. Your after training program of sports supplements not only affects muscle mass, strength, recovery and energy, but also affects your future workouts and physical performance. Food experts generally agree that best time to eat is within one hour after workout. This is short but very important time when human body reacts most to nutrition and sports nutrition in general.

Drink a lot of water every day

Although drinking water doesn’t seem to be significant aspect in process of muscle growth, in truth, this is one of most important reasons why many bodybuilders cannot achieve their goal – to have steel muscles.

Proper hydration goes far beyond being simple. One of many consequences of dehydration is decrease in productivity, which in turn reduces your muscle gain through decrease in your ability to lift heavy weights. When muscle cells contract due to lack of water, protein cells are lost and muscle catabolism sets in.

Make an exercises with free weight

Despite the number of simulators we use in gym, it isn`t surprising how machines gradually take over our world. And although simulators are very comfortable and convenient, but if you want serious results in increasing muscle gain, then exercises with free-weight lifting exercises with free movements will be more effective.

Exercise machines can limit participation of stabilizing muscles and secondary muscle groups, which limits total number of muscles and muscle fibers involved in training. Returning to basics and training using exercises such as squats, benches, traction, abs, and barbell are best exercises in which all muscle groups are involved.

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