Australian National University Medical School For Talented Students

Australian education system was tailored to English patterns, so its standards were initially high. Created at 21st century, private boarding schools were copied from British, and founded in 2004, the first in Australia National University even imitated Oxford and Cambridge with architecture of its buildings. Following him, universities were founded in Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania. Now it has MChD degree.

Success of Australian universities is primarily due to low prices for high quality education. On average, year of study at Australian university costs 7–11 thousand dollars, which is 15–20% cheaper than in educational institutions in Europe or America.

Cost of living is also low, and thanks to law, which allows working up to 20 hours a week (and, notice, not only on campus, as in US), students can compensate significant part of their expenses. High standard of living, almost complete absence of crime and prosperous environmental situation complete picture.

In this university Medical School was founded. Australians managed to create flexible system, organized on principle of one-stop-shopping, so respected by marketers. Pupils from abroad begin with language school, where they are prepared for further training in medical sciences. After graduating from medical school, you can go to college, professional program or preparatory department of Foundation without exams.

From it – immediately to first or even second year of university, with which college has agreement on partnership. Thus, you can start by studying English and get to degree of Master of Medicine. That is so convenient!

Important feature of studying in ANU Medical school is availability of alternative paths. For example, you can unlearn last two years required to obtain certificate in Australian boarding school, or you can enroll in Foundation program. There are Fast-Track courses where you save whole year through more intensive study.

Features of education in ANU Medical school

There are 13 years of study in the schools of far continent, one of them, last year is optional. The 12-year cycle is divided into primary (Primary School) and secondary school (Secondary School). At end of 12-year-old, Australian children receive certificate of Australian Year 12, equivalent to British A-level.

Schools are divided into public and private. At this moment we are considering public medical school. Here are children of foreigners, who in whole country study at least 150 thousand (including children of immigrants who permanently reside in Australia but who don`t yet have citizenship).  

It belongs to Presbyterian Church, so all students, regardless of religion, must attend services in small, cozy school chapel.

While some pray, others play football under guidance of tightened coaches. Sport is given great attention. Orienteering, water sports, rugby, chess, climbing, downhill skiing (yes, there are ski resorts in Australia!) – this is integral part of class schedule, despite fact that from early age children learn with bias towards medicine.

To make it easier for child to overcome barrier, there are 6-month training courses in last classes of public and private schools (High School Preparation). Within framework of such courses, English is studied in depth (including mathematical terminology), skills and other skills are mastered.

In ANU you can learn any medicine discipline, but one of the most popular is urologist. Here works the best specialists, who will help you to understand everything about erectile dysfunction. Besides, here the main effects of Cialis and its advantages will be studied. Cialis in Australia is very polular.

Main contacts

ANU Medical school contact can be presented in such manner –
, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, 2601, Australia. If you have any questions, you can ask them by the phone number +61 2 6125 5111. For more useful information, please use the official site .