Erectile Dysfunction – The First Step To Impotence

Erectile Dysfunction – The First Step To ImpotenceMen’s inability to both achieve and maintain erection during the intercourse is known as erectile dysfunction. Such a problem is rather severe as it may lead not only to difficulties in relationship, but also to lack of confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

This type of sexual dysfunction affects men of different age, but the elder the man, the bigger chance he has to suffer from this disease. Scientists offer such numbers: between 7 and 51 percent of adult men on the planet experience this problem. And if to speak about younger generations the percentage is much lower, while a half of men after 60 are affected by such a dysfunction. Moreover, it can also signalize about possible medical issues, so it is vital to know the symptoms of this disease and put efforts to treating it. The main symptoms of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Problems with getting erection;
  • It is difficult to keep it;
  • Decreased sexual desire.

All of them can happen together or one by one, but the main difference is the frequency or durable lasting of them. If such an inability is occasional, the erection is regarded to be normal.

What causes dysfunction of the erection?

The causes of this condition may be rather various, as the process of getting and maintaining erection includes many factors, both physical and psychological. But there are several main groups of causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Presence of other serious diseases (atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, etc.)
  • Causes connected with a way of life (intake of drugs, alcohol, smoking, obesity, sleep disorders etc.)
  • Spinal cord or pelvic area injuries;
  • Intake of definite medications or experienced surgery, radiation treatment;
  • Psychological factors (stress, depression etc.).

Treating erectile dysfunction

Natural and alternative remedies for ED

Speaking about the most widely spread way used for erectile dysfunction treatment it is undoubtedly oral medications. They are called “erection pills” and considered to be rather effective. The most widely used ones are Cialis, Levitra, Stendra and Viagra. Though as well as many other pills they have some side effects, they are rather common.

Another way to get rid of this unpleasant condition is injections or suppositories with a special remedy called Caverject. Testosterone therapy is tried by men with low testosterone level.

There are also manual devices to help a man keep erection. Vacuum pumps take away air and draw blood to the penis, while a ring around the penis base helps keep the erection.

Depending on the cause of such a dysfunction surgery, implants or psychological treatment can also be suggested by the doctor.


If you are against medical treatment or wish to make the treatment more efficient, there are several ways how to do that:

  • Opt for a healthy diet to lose weight and improve work of the organism;
  • Quit smoking, drinking and avoid any stressful situations;
  • Let exercising become an important part of your life including pelvic one;
  • You can try the acupuncture art;
  • Take some herbal remedies known for their effectiveness (red ginseng, watermelon etc.)

By doing so you will only improve the whole state of your organism as well as make treatment much more effective.

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is widely spread in the modern world. But even if you realized that there might be the beginning of the problem, you should not give up, it can be and must be treated in order in future it could not lead to other unpleasant diseases and psychological problems. Though impotence sounds threatening to most of the men, they must combat it in any case to have a happy and healthy sexual life.