Erection: 8 Factors That Negatively Affect Male Force

If you follow all rules below, you can`t worry about fortitude.

Many guys put health on autopilot until something important is hurt. And for men, most important thing is male power. They know that their lifestyle is bad for their health, but until their sexual life begins to suffer, they won’t hit the finger.

Sort through your first aid kit

Some antidepressants, as well as some simple over-the-counter medicines. For example, remedies for cold or allergies. “Mechanics of erection are opposed to rush of adrenaline. Sudafed is similar in action to adrenaline, that is, it negates your ability to arouse.”

Watch your waist

Beer belly endangers male power. Probability of erectile dysfunction in men with waist of 99 cm or more is two times higher than in men with waist of 89 cm or less. Fat on abdomen – most harmful: it`s associated with decrease in testosterone levels and inflammatory processes.

Let tobacco burn in hell

Smoking affects walls of blood vessels, which affects smooth muscles in penis and reduces blood flow. As Chinese scientists have discovered, smokers are likely having erectile dysfunction as much as 51%. Study conducted in Iran, showed that year after getting rid of bad habit, 25% of former smokers noted improvement on bed front.

Learn to relax from work

One of main factors leading to erectile dysfunction is stress at work. For many successful guys aged 40-50, “apparatus” doesn`t work because of nerves. ” It’s all about level of anxiety, which persists throughout day. In addition, if you are workaholic, then sleep and physical activity usually suffer, which also contributes to erectile dysfunction.

Sleep well

According to scientists from University of Chicago, 5 hours of sleep per day or less for just few days can lower testosterone levels in healthy guys by as much as 15%. “Sleep affected testosterone, which isn`t bound by protein and can be used by body, including supporting your libido and sexual function,” explains Walker. In addition, sleep regulates hormonal balance, which is also important for erections.

Keep your teeth healthy

Scientists say, that men with ED have gum disease. “When your teeth are sick, immune system attacks bacteria in mouth that can enter bloodstream, destroying walls of vessels of blood and worsening flow of blood”, researchers explain. Fortunately, regular dental brushing twice a day is enough.

Don`t abuse alcohol

Study conducted at University of Washington showed that it`s more difficult for drunk people to achieve erection, and it`s of lower quality for them. Well, as they say in Journal of Sexual Medicine, addiction to alcohol increases risk of erectile dysfunction. Alcohol relaxes, which only increases negative effect. Fortunately, complete ban isn`t required: main thing is to control yourself.

Stop hugging with laptop

Lap-top laptop creates monstrous temperature background, which negatively affects quantity and quality of sperm. Testicles are very sensitive to elevated temperature, so they are taken out of body. Incorrect work of testicles can lead to decrease in testosterone in body, which in turn will adversely affect erections. In short, if you want everything to be in place, laptop should always be on table.