How Hemorrhoids Affect Potency

At first glance, there is a direct connection between the male sexual organs and the anal opening, because they are in the same anatomical area. The frequent combination of both hemorrhoids and prostatitis also leads to the idea that one pathology causes another.

The connection between hemorrhoids and potency is mediated.

The human body is a very complex system, almost everything is interconnected in it. Looking ahead, let us answer the question: is there a connection between hemorrhoids and potency? Yes, there is. But it is not direct.

Let us take a closer look at this question.

What is hemorrhoids?

By rough estimates, hemorrhoids affect every other person. It is impossible to provide exact statistics, because not everyone, especially men, see doctors.

In the area of the anus there are cavernous calves, which are a cluster of vessels. Under normal conditions, they participate in the locking function of the anus, that is, they expand and narrow if necessary, without problems.

Under certain conditions, the outflow of blood from them is disturbed, the walls do not fall, they expand and increase in volume. This is how hemorrhoid nodes are formed. They cause many inconveniences, but can also lead to serious complications.

The main manifestations of hemorrhoids are pain in the anus, bleeding during defecation and loss of nodes.

Hemorrhoids bring more and more problems as they progress.

As the disease progresses, several stages of hemorrhoids are distinguished:

  1. The patient feels discomfort, itching, there may be moderate pain and bleeding. Nodes are identified only with a special examination, do not go outside.
  2. The hemorrhoid nodes may fall out, but then they adjust themselves. There is a more pronounced pain in defecation, frequent bleeding.
  3. The dropping out nodes are not corrected on their own, you have to correct them manually. The pain is almost constant and increases with any tension. Bleeding can be quite strong.
  4. Constant prolapse of the nodes together with the rectal mucosa.

At any stage in the nodes may be thrombosis and inflammation with all the marked signs of exacerbation of the disease (pronounced pain, increased nodules, swelling and redness). Constant blood loss leads to anemia – a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood and, consequently, oxygen deprivation of organs and tissues.

What is potency?

Potency is the ability to perform sexual intercourse, to be more precise, a qualitative intercourse with a good erection and ending in ejaculation. Most men rightly consider potency to be their main quality and are very painful to any reduction of it.

The impact on the potency of physiological and psychological factors

The potential depends on many factors. The sex drive reflex itself occurs in the spinal cord under the influence of male sex hormone and neurogenic stimulation.

The presence of hemorrhoids can not affect the production of testosterone or the emergence of the spinal cord reflex. That is, with or without hemorrhoids, the man will be excited, he will have an erection, and he will be ready for sexual intercourse.

However, we are human, and, unlike animals, we also have a psychological component of sexual excitement. In other words, the cortex of our brain can either strengthen or reduce it. Here we can already clearly see the impact of hemorrhoids on the potency (or rather, on its reduction).

Sexual intercourse and hemorrhoids

The initial stage of hemorrhoids does not interfere with sex in any way, moreover, regular sex life is even highly recommended. During intercourse, there are rhythmic contractions of the perineum and pelvis muscles, including the anal canal muscles. This, in turn, improves blood flow from the dilated hemorrhoid veins.

But the further hemorrhoids progress, the more unpleasant they are during sex.

Physical effort during sex causes pain

First, any physical effort with hemorrhoids causes pain. And intercourse is quite a strong tension of pelvic muscles, especially at the moment of ejaculation. The pain in this case can be very intense. Pain impulses to the brain have priority over all other impulses, because they are protective. Accordingly, strong pain will be enough to suppress the sexual excitement.

Secondly, at voltage may cause bleeding from the node.

Third, the very presence of nodes and waiting for unpleasant moments associated with hemorrhoids, causes a man psychological discomfort, uncertainty, a state of chronic stress.

Sexual life variants in men with hemorrhoids

  1. There is a full erection, a man is ready for sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is normal, the pain in the anus is simply tolerated by the man.
  2. Against the background of pronounced pain during intercourse excitement and erection weaken, the intercourse does not end with ejaculation and orgasm. A man initially remembers the pain during previous intercourse, excitement occurs, but much weaker than usual. Sexual intercourse is either impossible or incomplete.
  3. A man consciously avoids sex for fear of severe pain.
  4. The combination of all factors leads to chronic stress, which may cause complete impotence.
  5. Chronic blood loss leads to oxygen deprivation and disturbance of metabolic processes throughout the body, including the genital glands.

Hemorrhoids and prostatitis

Hemorrhoids and prostatitis are indeed quite common to occur simultaneously. But there is no direct causal connection between them.

There is no direct causal connection between hemorrhoids and prostatitis.

The reason here is different: both these diseases develop when the same predisposing factors are present, namely:

  • lack of mobility, sedentary lifestyle,
  • constipations,
  • bad habits,
  • irregular sex,
  • obesity,
  • liver diseases.

All these factors lead to blood stagnation in the small pelvis and promote hemorrhoids, and in the presence of urogenital infection – and prostatitis.

Do hemorrhoid medicines affect the potency of the hemorrhoids?

If the operation is not yet necessary, a complex conservative treatment of hemorrhoids is applied. This includes primarily recommendations on lifestyle changes, nutrition, weight loss.

Medicinal products used are mainly external preparations – candles, creams and ointments.

Conventional hemorrhoids do not affect potency.

They are usually included:

  • blood thinners,
  • anti-inflammatory drugs,
  • anesthetics (drugs to reduce pain),
  • means that increase the tone of blood vessels,
  • healing aids.

Basically, these drugs do not affect the potency in any way.

There is a perception that some ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids contribute to increased sexual excitement and increase erection. Indeed, some nitrate-containing ointments have such a pleasant “side” effect.

However, it is worth refraining from using such ointments on their own, because other side effects may be much more pronounced. Nitrate-containing ointments are prescribed more for rectal fissures, to relieve sphincter spasm. They are released only by prescription.

The main conclusions

  1. The presence of hemorrhoids can reduce the potency, but not directly, but indirectly, through a psychological component.
  2. Hemorrhoids are not a reason to give up sexual life.
  3. It is not necessary to delay the treatment of hemorrhoids. In its early stages, it is easier to cure it with minimally invasive methods and without consequences. The longer it takes to treat it, the greater the risk of complications, including reduced potency.