How To Maintain Health: Causes Of Prostatitis In Young Men

It`s no secret that many dangerous diseases are rapidly becoming younger, so it`s important to know causes of prostatitis in young men. Why this particular disease? Because this pathology occurs in 40% of male population of age group 30-40 years. It is worth noting that earlier inflammation of prostate gland was found only in elderly. So why in modern world, prostatitis in young people has become common?


If you omit genetic predisposition, causes of pathology in young men can be formulated as follows:

  • Extreme sports. Of course, skiing, parachuting, swimming should only be encouraged. However, these sports often lead to injuries and hypothermia, which can cause inflammation of prostate.
  • Passion for computers. These electronic “friends” make clock in one position, which will invariably cause impaired blood circulation in pelvic organs. By the way, these are quite common causes of prostatitis in young people.
  • Promiscuous sex life. Sex with casual partners without contraception increases risk of sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, pathogenic microflora appears in body, which affects entire urogenital system and leads to infectious prostatitis.
  • Rumble way of life. Young people often enjoy fast food, and unbalanced nutrition also causes destructive changes in tissues of gland.

In addition, don`t forget about deteriorating environmental situation in large cities, which can also provoke prostatitis at young age.


Symptoms of inflammatory processes of prostate are the same at any age. However, young men often don`t pay attention to alarming signals of body, therefore chronic prostatitis in young people is very common phenomenon. It`s worth noting that disease progresses very quickly, moving from initial stage to acute and then to chronic. Therefore, it makes sense to consider initial signs of inflammatory process.

It looks like this:

  • Frequent urination, with no feeling of emptying bladder.
  • Cutting and burning in urethra.
  • Pulling pain in groin.
  • Problems with erection and ejaculation.
  • Deterioration of general condition of body.
  • High temperature (characteristic of acute stage).

Appearance of these symptoms is convincing reason to visit doctor. Don`t forget that inflammation of prostate gland is effectively treated only in initial stages.

Possible complications  

Don`t forget that effects of prostatitis at young age can be fatal to body. Without proper treatment, disease can lead to following consequences:

  • Sexual impotence.
  • Male infertility.
  • BPH.

In addition, pathological changes in smooth tissues of gland adversely affect work of urogenital system, causing development of urological diseases. Don`t forget that prostate may be inflamed as result of infection, so you can infect your sexual partner.

Prostatitis at young age can also affect nervous system. Patient is fixated on his problems, experiencing constant stress.

Wellness process

Treatment of prostatitis at young age is more effective than in older patients. Young body has best immunity, respectively, is restored much faster.

To accurately establish causes of pathology, patient passes tests and undergoes diagnostic examination. After collecting anamnesis, urologists determine degree of neglect of disease and prescribe treatment regimes.

If we consider that ailment responds well only to complex treatment, therapy usually includes following methods:

  • Medicines are prescribed for rapid relief of pain, and possibility of further treatment.
  • Antibacterial drugs. Suitable for fight against infectious and bacterial form of disease. Medicines destroy pathogenic microflora, eliminating possible cause of disease.
  • Procedure is performed rectally, so many patients don`t agree to conduct manual therapy. However, direct massage of gland normalizes blood circulation in tissues, relieves puffiness and normalizes process of urination.
  • Physiotherapy. Technique involves impact on problem area with laser, directed by thermal radiation or electromagnetic pulses. Physiological procedures enhance effect of other techniques, reduce likelihood of disease recurrence.
  • There is mass of “proven” recipes of alternative medicine that effectively relieve male diseases. However, let’s not forget that prostatitis in young men can develop for various reasons, therefore, any popular recipes must be coordinated with your doctor.

In addition to all of above, urologist may prescribe physical therapy, which also helps to cope with inflammation of prostate gland.

Preventive actions

It`s no secret that any disease is much easier to prevent than to engage in long-term treatment. Therefore, at young age, urologists recommend observing basic preventive measures. In particular:

  • Dress for the weather: hypothermia can cause inflammation in prostate gland.
  • Observe healthy diet: reduce consumption of fast food, alcoholic drinks and energy drinks.
  • Don`t chase fashion: skinny jeans break blood circulation in pelvic organs.

In addition, it isn`t recommended to start sex life too early, and certainly not to forget about contraceptive methods.