Potency prevention

Problems with potency is very painful question for men. Libido declines for various reasons. Potency in man may occur due to frequent stress, stressful lifestyle, unbalanced diet. Harmful habits, overweight, endocrine disorders, psychological diseases, physical inactivity, living in areas with poor ecology directly affect deterioration of sexual life quality.

Main information about potency

After about 40 years, many men begin to complain about appearance of erectile dysfunction. It becomes more difficult for man to maintain erection and to reach orgasm. Erectile dysfunction adversely affects all areas of life.

Potency is easier to prevent than to engage in therapy. Doctors recommend avoiding stressful situations and getting rid of excess weight.

With obesity, testosterone production is suppressed. Therefore, you need as soon as possible to begin to engage in weight correction. This will help prevent development of erectile dysfunction. You can go on consultation with nutritionist to find out how to eat better in your particular case.

It is not always possible to solve the problems with potency. It should be noted that only a doctor can choose the most optimal diet and develop an individual weight correction scheme for the patient. Fitness classes, various workouts, yoga, swimming, walking help to avoid poor potency.

Methods of prevention with drugs

The best method of potency increasing is drugs usage. Some people use Viagra, Cialis and Levitra for prophylaxis. Of course, after drinking pill, the result is visible on face. Such drugs aren`t addictive, and side effects rarely occur. But it`s worth considering that from taking such pills may appear psychological dependence.

Therefore, for beginning it`s worth using safer methods that aren`t inferior in efficiency. It`s recommended to resort to drug treatment in pinch. Libido is increased by eating foods that contain phosphorus, zinc, selenium, omega-3, vitamins C, E, PP. These substances are found in sea food, pumpkin seeds, nuts.

Today, there are many ways to prevent bad potency. Most preventive measures help not only to avoid poor potency, but also to improve body as a whole. Main thing is to contact highly qualified specialist.